Turn cube inside out

Has anyone tried to turn a cube inside out with python?Could it be done?

wait, an inside out cube is still a cube, right?

Yes it is.

yes, yes and there are easier ways to flip normals.

sounds the like the silliest thing to do intentionally…

I was thinking about making the faces of a cube face inwards.Then the cube would be invisible.
Then make a lod out of that.

This entirely different way to make things invisible.I wonder if it would give me good framrate
if i made a lod for cubes with that.

it wouldn’t make it invisible
just weird because there are still faces toward the camera:

I meant faces of the cube facing away from it’s center.

These are complete different things.

A) the already build-in back-face culling prevents faces facing away from the camera from being rendered. That is the reason why disabling back face culling is a bad idea unless there are a few special situations. This reduces the render effort by around 50~.

B) LOD means to render a mesh dependent on the distance to the camera. Typically the meshes with larger distance have less faces to render. This is a bit difficult with a cube, as there are not many faces to reduce without irritating the audience.

You can use a mesh with flipped normals as LOD-level. This will not reduce the number of faces to render (see A) and it will not look like the meshed of the higher LOD-Levels (see B) unless this is something really special.

I would say … in terms of performance this makes not much sense.