Turn enemy object to face character once detected

Im sure this has been answered seems like a common game thing. But a lot of the answers utilise rotating vectors and what not. If there is a simpler solution i would be keen to know.

I need an enemy object to turn to face the character as soon as the radar picks up the character in field of view.

Radar works fine.
I tried using some vector math to get the rotation between the enemy’s current ‘look’ vector (i.e. the vectors describing its direction of line of sight) and the vector describing the line from enemy object to character. But the output im getting is not the correct angle…i think. I cant seem to implement it to well either into worldOrientation.

Any ideas? Any simple way around? I tried using a seek with velocity at 0 but that just killed any rotation at all. Also looked to see if Radar gives out any info but cant seem to find any.

Edit: Actually im realising i dont need the angle between two 3d vectors. Really its just the angle between 2 lines in x and y space only so that the enemy object just turns on z, like a turret.

Well you could just activate a track to actuator (edit object) right? Give it a little delay say 10, and then activate it through a python script when the correct criteria is met.

oh my gosh…how come i didnt see that…and TRACK! English is semi-second language :stuck_out_tongue: i was using words like find, seek, turn to, look-at, etc in google. TRACK! damn it. Thanks g. New Zealand as well? Same here, Auckland, North Shore.