Turn Many Faces Into A Single Face

Hi All,

I am trying to learn a little more about modeling. I have created a meta-sphere and a meta-cube and positioned them near to each other. I converted that result into a mesh. Now I am in edit mode of that mesh and want to clean up the faces a bit.

In the picture I have several faces selected. I am looking for a way to simply turn all those selected faces into a single face. Can this be done in blender?


I believe that would require n-gons, which is not currently supported.

Press F>Make FGon.
FGons are Blender’s attempt to fake NGons. They aren’t real NGons, so the underlying face structure is the same, but it makes it a bit easier to operate on.

Thanks Egan, that works for now!

Oh wow, I always wondered what f-gons were. I learn something new every day…