Turn Off Shadows for Gun Flash Object

I am having a sort of nooby problem. My animation that I am working on includes several gun flash objects, but I have found that they cast external shadows, even when they are not visible. I am trying to make it so that they never have shadows, but I cannot figure out how to do that.

No example blend file supplied.

We don’t know anything about the materials and lighting being used or even such a basic thing as the renderer you are using ! Why have you not supplied this important info.

Please for support questions make some effort to give all the relevant information so you don’t waste other peoples time as they try and guess a solution !

I’m sorry, I’m sort of a noob at this, I don’t really know what information I need to give for a solution. I’m using Blender Render, the material’s type is a Volume, and the scene’s lighting is just a point lamp.

Hi, easiest way is to post your file.
You cant post files as new user but there is pastall > http://www.pasteall.org/blend/
We will look into.

CHeers, mib

Have you gone to Material menu, Shadows panel and unticked everything to do with casting shadows?

There is no Shadow panel for a Volume material type.