Turn Planes to Spheres

Hello, I am wondering if it is at all possible to change a plane to a sphere in Blender. I created a seamless height map and turned it to a model using a script. The problem is that I want my model to be spherical like a planet rather than mounds and ridges extruding off a plane. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I think is more easy starting with a sphere and deforming this with your height map instead of trying to give your deformed plane a sphere shape.

Add a grid in top view, go to front view and SHIFT+W, then type 180 (degrees) and right click or hit enter.
Then go to side view and SHIFT+W, then type 360, and enter. Select all, and W => Remove Doubles, and the grid should be a sphere.
Hope this helps with your project.

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sorry but somethng is missing

can this work with other than grid object?


Apologies, it warps around the cursor. Set Pivot to 3D cursor and move the cursor, say 1 Blender Unit below the grid in front or side view.

It should work with other objects as well:-

http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Basic_Mesh_Tools - Near the bottom of the page.

EDIT 2020 - The keyboard shortcuts have changed, but the process is the same. Use ‘Mesh - Transform - Warp’

hey, thats a pretty easy way to do it. good call organic

Nice trick organic. Thank you for sharing. :yes:

Wow, thank you! This helped me out a ton!

I’ve given it a try and it works like a charm, thank you!