Turn this animation slider into a wheel?

I want to turn that into a wheel slider so i can change the texture rotating the arrow, like a Twister spinner.
I want to do it with 7 textures, something like this:

I understand that you want this wheel slider effect actually rendered. and part of your animation. Not just as a tool/handle for animation.
I would create the wheel from a circle with the right number of vertices. Then UV unwrap it. Then move the UV-Faves around so that each matches exact one pose.

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actually i just want to use it as a tool/handle to change the texture on my model by rotating the arrow

OK, so its about choosing a different texture based on the rotation/postion of the arrow?

In the shader node “Texture coordinate” you can specify a separate object as base for your texture space.

It is getting complicated tho: for example your arrow must be positioned relative to the face.