Turn your Android Phone into a 3D scanner with this app.

What to say. Amazing stuff.
And in advance, they haven’t released the APK yet to protect their research.

The Computer vision and geometry Group of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) developed an app that uses your cellphone camera to make 3d scans on the go. The nice thing, all the calculations are made on your device, so you’re able to see if your scan was good enough to reconstruct the model. It also allows to change perspective of the scanning to get cavities and such.

What more to say. Watch the video, visit their page.
Personally I can’t wait to try the app.


Nice find Arexma!

Thank you.

It’s not avaiable to the public yet, is it?


Either you didn’t make it to the second line of my post, or you don’t know what an APK is. :wink:
It’s an Android application package file, I actually thought that’s something people just know. Happens a lot :slight_smile:

APK was a first for me as well:eyebrowlift:

That’s cool - reminds me of this http://www.123dapp.com/catch

Weird, i don’t remember there being so much text on the OP before the video… Seems i was way more distracted than i thought i was…

Yes, and you shall lose one eye for allowing yourself to be distracted by the video!!

Great! really looking forward to seeing it available!

Sometimes I feel very proud to be Swiss…

This is pretty fantastic! 123D Catch works really well but when you have worked with laser scanners you always want more.

I find the use of a smartphone smart because of the mobility but also because of the smartphone sensors this software can use.