Turn your child into a psychopath- buy him a skull T-shirt.

I ask you, is there anything wrong with turning your child into a psychopath? Buy him a skull T-shirt, so when he grows up he can kill people and not feel guilty about it.

You can buy these skull T-shirts everywhere. Cast a spell on your child today. Or should we as Human Beings be more responsible and ban these T-shirts?

BTW, have you noticed the new first shooter video games, they’re counting the bullets, makes killing people even more realist. What do you all think?

What the fuck are you on? T-shirts don’t make psychopaths. Shooters don’t make killers.

You know me Sandrew, I didn’t mean to dishonor you, but I’m just saying these skull T-shirts are everywhere. It’s almost like they’re trying to desensitize children.

And these first shooter games now are very good, you count the bullets, just like in real life. Hypothetically, give them a real weapon and they can lock and load on the run. :evilgrin:

I doubt it. Clicking a mouse-button and operating a gun are two entirely different things. I also don’t see how children should be desensitized by skull t-shirts. Once again, a depiction of a skull is something entirely different from, say, a dead body or even an actual skull.

And I also don’t know what you’re talking about concerning these skull shirts because I’ve never seen anyone under the age of 14 wearing clothing with skull motives on it. And even then they’re generally the emo/goth kids that will never harm anyone.

@manDingo I truly feel that something is seriously wrong with you, this kind of thinking you show isn’t exactly normal, it sounds like crazy person talk. Kinda of like the thing I used to hear from former buddies that consumed to much ‘herb’ and were now suffering panic attacks and paranoid delusions.

Blaming video games for turning kids into psychopaths is just insane in my opinion. It is kind of understandable though, people always need something or someone to blame for everything that goes wrong. No one wants to take any responsibility for the horrible things that happen, but then again, I don’t think anyone really should have to (except for those who do those things). I’m pretty sure that everyone who has killed people know that they have done something wrong, and aren’t trying to justify their deeds by blaming video games or t-shirts. I have played fps games since a very young age, and I don’t have any urge to kill anyone. I also mostly wear dark clothes and listen to heavy metal, does that make me a satanist and a psychopath?

Then again I would have to call you a troll ManDingo, because I can’t really imagine anyone having quite that extreme opinions about t-shirts.

Yes. Statistics show that 99% of all male murderers have at some point played violent video games or listened to music with violent themes.

Statistics also show 100% of murderers have drunk water at sometime in their life! lets ban the water!

… no really, I know people who get blamed for everything because they’re wearing “something else” … heck I do special effects and know my nitrates from my oxides but still don’t go blowing people up because I play video games (lost my WoW addiction :_) ) . Also, always remember that somebody had to buy the shirt, the kids don’t have very much say in it… just like buying playboy for your 8 year old isn’t a good idea, buying “my little pink pony over the rainbow with purdy flowers” for a 14 year old boy ain’t a good idea either…

By now I’m more amused than outraged when I see people still buying GTA4 for their 9 year old… if the parents are that stupid, it only means the children will get their “facts of life” a little bit earlyer and thus have a little advance warning for whats going to happen… as their parents clearly are not the kind of people to get correct information out of.

Tyrant monkey, don’t worry even my sister thinks I’m crazy and dedicated “because you’re strange” song to me, but in my defense I do see things other people do not see.

In my opinion, what we are seeing a long term hypnotize on people; starting with children, they grow up, join the army, follow orders, kill people on command, and die (or kill themselves like a good psychopath) after they’re finished with.

Sandrew, hoxolotl, and Morio, I know you all would disagree with me, but I do think there’s a long term experiment going on our children. It’s not the first time. :evilgrin:

they grow up, join the army, follow orders, kill people on command, and die

Except not everyone joins the army, and people joined the army back in the days before skull t-shirts. People have other reasons to join the army than their fashion sense :slight_smile:

but I do think there’s a long term experiment going on our children. It’s not the first time

What would the first time be?

This is a joke of course. Do not feed the trolls :slight_smile:

78% of people arrested for car crime last year had played GTA!! OMFG It’s a link!!!

Of course, 100% of them had used detergent to wash their clothes BAN DA SOAP SUDZ!!!

Ever noticed how global warming has increased as the number of good ol’ fashioned pirates has decreased…




The first record of someone commenting on how modern social trends were eroding the values of youth and creating a new more antisocial and violent generation is Pliny the Elder, shortly before Vesuvius erupted. The human mind is a complex organ and the influences on its development are manifold and irreducible. To attempt to do so is never successful.

And, on that note, it’s only ever small social conditions that get targeted- 100% of soccer violence is perpetrated by those attending games or supporting a team, but nobody seriously calls for it to be banned. Why? It’s massively popular and nobody would ge the time of day for such an idea. But also,it’s because the ratio of balanced, sane folk compared to nutjobs using it as a vehicle for violence is vast. VAST. So it is with videogames, shirts, emo music (harmless apart from being rubbish) and so on. The unreported statistic is the overwhelming percentage of GTA owners, or skull shirt wearers or whatever, that live normal, unremarkable day to day lives. That’s the number that counts though.

You want to adjust the amount of violent crime in the world, improve social depravation, sort out quality education and vocational training for the poor, remodel welfare systems to provide chances and reasons to seek employment and find a way of eradicating unwanted pregnancies in the young and make sex education andreligious and racial tolerance education mandatory and successful. That’d be a hell of a lot more effective than banning a frickin t shirt. And you’ve about as much chance.

But, as I said, I reckon this thread’s a wind up- right? :slight_smile:


That and the rest of what you said is pretty much what I was getting at. Those who believe violence is caused by games (for example) show the percentage of violent criminals that have played violent games, completely ignoring the ratio of criminals to non-criminals that play violent games. It’s pretty much turning the facts around and it’s a shame most people (concerned parents) don’t see this fallacy.

Eterniam, it’s not the first time in the sense that experiments have been conducted on the public, for example France (our allies) 1951the CIA conducted an LSD experiment on unsuspecting villagers.

Sure it’s hilarious now to read about villagers on LSD, and shouting, “I’m a plane”, before jumping out of a second storey window and breaking his leg.

Here is the link, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/7415082/French-bread-spiked-with-LSD-in-CIA-experiment.html

Nice to see am not alone in thinking this, and about seeing things others people don’t see that could be the hallucinogens talkings

they put nerve gas in lightbulbs too! Declassified CIA files are great- and that’s just what they’ll own up to :slight_smile:

As for the plane guy- that’s when you shout “TAKE OFF FROM THE GROUND, FOOL!”

The point still stands that a skull on a t shirt ain’t exactly the Manchurian Candidate though! And my good friends who work for EA and codemasters (big up Mark and J) would be very surprised to find they’re a CIA mind control weapon!