Turned to the dark side.

I’ve been trying to work in 3dsmax7 for awhile but the transition has been difficult. :expressionless: The same tasks that I do with ease in Blender really piss me off in Max. :< They had to call that 2000 page book that comes with it a “reference” cause it sure as shit isn’t a manual. If I’d paid full price for it , I’d really be mad. :<
Anyway, are there any other treacherous blender heads out there whoring around with this program behind every else’s back? If there are, I’d like to ask a few humble questions to get me on my way to totally abandoning Blender forever!!! Mahahahahahahahha.
Oh sorry, lost my head for a second. My question is really how do you merge two objects together in Max where the vertices are in the right spot but the object centers aren’t. (This question is in Blender talk, not the 3dsmax gibberish that those Pagens use in the reference book.)

Cheers :smiley:

I’ve been trying to work in 3dsmax7

or should we say 3dsMayax 7

%| this post makes me sick…

These 3dsmayax jokes are getting old already… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’re going to have better luck asking for help over at cgtalk.com for Max related questions. Do a search for your question in the max forum section before asking though. I doubt there are many Blender/3ds users floating around…could be wrong though.

I’ll actually answer your question here. To merge two objects together, go to Elements–>Edit Geometry–>Attach. It works just like CTRL+J in Blender.
Regarding Object Centers, go to Quad Menu–>Hierarchy–>Pivot Points–>Affect Pivot Only. Then you can choose between centering it, aligning to object, or aligning to world.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Suu999. That’s very helpful. While I got your attention. How do you (and I know this sounds too easy) create a face in an editable poly?
It’s like I have this poly missing a face and I’m lookin for the easy way to fill it. Do I have to add a modifier for a simple job as that? :expressionless:

To create a face in Editable Poly, go to Face–>Edit Geometry–>Create Face. You click on your first vertex, then drag your mouse cursor around the other vertexes with a dotted line making a string. Note: Unlike Blender, you can make N-gons in Make Face mode. But also unlike Blender, you can’t click your vertexes in a random order, then press a Make Face shortcut.

Thanks :slight_smile: