turning a cloud into a tornado like vortex

I have a picture of clouds that I would to turn into a tornado like image. I want to twist the image as you look towards the bottom. I do not really need to do this in 3 d but think that blender offers an interesting way to add creative lighting. I guess I need to start with a 3d cone and map my image to that. Then I need to add transparency to the bottom of the image. Is this the right way to proceed?

search or ask questions for tornado sample file in thread here



Tutorial here.


thank you for your replies but this is much more than i need. The information in the links you provided is actually for creating a tornado from SCRATCH. This allows for extremely detailed visuals with a model that allows for manipulation->animation.

But I do not need this. I want to make a single image.
I want to use a SPECIFIC image that I already have.
I want to narrow the bottom of the image and swirl it so it looks like its ‘going down a drain’
I want to make the bottom of the image more transparent so I can see through the twisted, swirled part.

Although you’d think I could do this in photoshop, that application does not have good 3d tools.
To conceptualize the transformation I’d like to do

1)map my image to a ‘ribbon’ that is narrower at the bottom than at the top
2) make the image transparent at the bottom of the ribbon
3) twist the bottom of the ribbon