Turning a modified mesh into an unmodified mesh

Is there a way to turn a mesh that is modified either by relative shape keys or an armature (but preferably relative shape keys) into the unmodified default version of the mesh? The reason I want to do this is that I want to use relative shape keys to control various aspects of a model of a human head, such as jaw shape, nose size, eye position, forehead angle, etc. and make a new head with different features.

I recently tried the “Apply” button in Editing:Modifiers on a mesh that is modified by only an armature and not modified by relative vertex keys. This is almost what I want to do. I want to be able to do this to a mesh that is either modified by both an armature and relative vertex keys, or just relative vertex keys. When I tried the “Apply” button on a mesh that is modified by both an armature and relative vertex keys, the modifier is removed from the stack and the mesh returns to its original position, without any modification from the armature or relative vertex keys.

Shift-Ctrl-A might do the trick. Works on some things not on others. If you use on a modifier you’ll get an error but for deformations not yet built into the stack it will apply the changes. There’s also an Apply Deformation script in the scripts menu under Objects that, I think, should handle all other cases. As for relative vertex keys, . .

if you pose and shape-shift your mesh as you desire, then Duplicate it at that point, that should take a snapshot of it in that state, with all the vertices in their places. Sortof equivalent to what you get if you pose a MH figure and export it.

I know with Shape keys, when you leave that key, that defines what that shape is, but that is not what you want, I was just rambling.

Although there is an “armature” option in the “Add Modifier” drop-down menu, I noticed that there is no “relative vertex keys” or “shape keys” option. I think having a “shape keys” option might be what I want.

Also, does anyone think that it might be easier to do what I am trying to accomplish by using python scripts instead of modifiers? Although I am familiar with computer programming, I am neither familiar with python nor the use of python scripts in blender.