Turning a Reference Image 3d

So I figured out reference images and created a 2d model of it using a plane. Then extruded it to make it “3d.”
It doesn’t look quite right, frankly, and I have no clue how to model from the top to create a fully 3d version of the model. Sure, it’s technically already 3d, but I want the model to resemble what I am trying to make from all direction. Also, what reference image could I use to create the top of the model?

I would suggest looking at some modeling tutorials on youtube, they give you a good start in Blender.

I tried making something useing that method once, it did not end well.
If you have access to both a front and side and top reference image its fairly easy to make the model actuate as you just make a chunk from the front then flip to the side and make sure that chunk fits. This method also works if you just have two angles, though not as well.

If you only have one angle it becomes alot harder. For hard angles I would recomend using a different plane for each hard surface, going into front view and changing the offset from the center as you think is accurate. If its organic start with a plane that is facing the front of your model and work your way back.

This is how I do it, there are many different methods though. You can start with a similar shape and manipulate it into looking like the end result (this is more akin to sculpting).

Camera Mapping is a popular technique

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And thank you to everyone. You’ve helped quite a bit.

if all you have is a single image ,some times a “shape from shade” or "shape from lighting ( a bit different than sfs) " can be ran on the image
example :
this image can be converted to a heightmap
http://0.t.imgbox.com/hDElvr0X.jpg http://5.t.imgbox.com/9gAnq2N3.jpg
then converted to a mesh
http://4.t.imgbox.com/YNxEl6ad.jpg http://9.t.imgbox.com/cJYVZIZX.jpg

please post some images so we can help

Also, where are the sfs and sfl functions?

i am using octave ( matlab) program with a c program
these are not part of blender

so this above is the extrude you made , what dose the original look like ?

the “camera mapping” in post #4 uses a distance guess based on segmentation and perspective . This creates a set of displacement maps.

  • this really is a “fake” 3d effect along the lines of a “shadow box”

The original planes (before I extruded in an attempt to make it 3d) or the original picture?

That looks like a cat. I assume you know how a cat looks like.

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