Turning an object into a light source (?)

Can you turn an object into a light source (like an Omni lamp) in Blender? if so, how?

Thank you.

not for a normal render with standard lamp types.

if you are rendering with radiosity, you can set objects to be “emissive,” so they will irradiate light.

if you are not using the radiosity engine, then just add additional lamps.

Keep in mind, though, that Radiosity is not really easy to use (and not very often used anymore). If you need to render with Blender, though, there’s no other choice.

If you don’t need to render with Blender’s Internal, there are other possibilities, like in Indigo, Kerkythea or Yafray. Maybe check those out as well!

Thanks! I have to render with blender internal. So, area lights and lamps it is :frowning: