Turning an RPG into an MMORPG

If someone makes an rpg game. Is it possible to turn that game into an mmorpg without having to do too many changes to the game’s logic?

Just so people can get an idea of what I’m talking about, let’s take dragon fable for example: it has account systems and everything setup in a way similar to mmorpg except it’s not an mmorpg. Would it be easy if someone would take dragon fable and turn it into an mmorpg without haveing to change too much of the original content?


It could take a lot of work, depending on how the code is already written. If the code was written from the ground up to be efficient enough to have the data sent over a network, then adapting it into an mmo would be easier. If it was simply done in an easy fashion that was efficient enough for local use, then you would have to rewrite a large amount of the underlying code.

Thanks a lot Kupoman!

Okay, i have not looked at the code for “Dragon Fable”… But this can be done with most games… and fairly easily if your got the right methods for the current design of game.

As Kupoman advised, it can be a re-write and this is normally the point of not doing it or only if the content and other aspects will be worth the time if you dont change them either.

So anyway, Methods of converting a game to online/scoring/mmo…
The first and main thing here to look at are events and loops, By using these you can simply inject a small piece of code that will grab a variable and then submit this along with a form of ID to a server to record these as stats.

Example: You have a offline game where a user walks around and collects bubbles on the ground and is awarded 2 points for every bubble collected…
Method: Well this game/code would have an event fired every time a bubble is touched/popped/collected/activated… On that event/code you would simple add a socket call to a server that would either hand the total variable to the server or just notify the server to increase the users account by two points.

By using simple tricks and injections like this, You can with only a few lines of code turn a game into a database connected… Once you have a few reliable variables being sent to the server, You can then start with some server response code if you like… Example, Player reaches 20,000GOLD… server notifies PC that they are now awarded the “Gold Bunny” award…

If u do wish to try this, have a google on “Python Socket Example”

If you have any questions about this, Feel free to ask