Turning down joystick sensitivity on a PSX controller?

For my game i’ve been using a playstation controller and it works great! Except for one little problem: the analog sticks are too sensitive! So I was wondering if there is anyway to turn down the sensitivity of the joystick input (for the axis) because sometimes all it takes is a wiggle to send a caractor running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

Ask over at www.blender.org – that’s the developer forum, they’ll help you there (hopefully)

set the thresh hold to 5000

that should make it use-able.

I wish by default they where working, took me a few trys to come up with such a such number,

I don’t think I will ever understand Why they make things “broken” by default…
I guess it is to force people to read the manual for every thing, so it is not so bad.

hope that helps

Hey thanks! That fixed it! I was beggining to wonder if threshhold did anything (i was trying numbers like 10 and 20).