Turning Game into .exe

I was wondering how you turn your game into a stand alone executeable. I have a file from a man in spain of a telescope where this was done where he claimed using blender. In fact that is where I found out about blender from a telescope forum :slight_smile: Any idea on how to do this?

file>save runtime

and remember to copy these files into the same directory as your EXE:

Python24.dll, SDL.dll.


I made a simple box and the camera moves and it seemed to work. I had to copy 3 .dll files. When I tried save runtime many months ago I got the .dll error but drew a blank on what to do about it!

On another thread I posted a video of my bedroom model. It seemed to render ok but anytime I hit ā€˜pā€™ it crashes before it ever changes screen. I did the save runtime and when I open the file it crashes also. Anyone want to take a look at the .blend file?