Turning hidden edges

Hello BA. In max there is ability to show and turn hidden edges in polygons. You can unhide, select and “turn” hidden edges. In my opinion it’s very useful feature for lowpoly modeling. I wonder if such feature exists inside blender or maybe some addon to edit hidden edges. At the moment i have to use knife tool to connect two veritexes to make turn edge in angle i want and then just resolve created edge. So is there more handy way to edit and see hidden adges in low poly meshes inside blender?
Like this:

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h = hide
strg(ctrl)+h = unhide
shift+h = invers hide

Look at this blend. It’s duplicated object (in edit mode) so look at top poligon - it’s hidden edge is turned in different angles (connected to different verices). How can i make visible and “turn” this hidden edge?!
hidden edges.blend (532.4 KB)

If I understand correctly, the hidden edge you are referring to is not a real edge in the geometry, rather a ‘crease’ that arises from having a not planar quad face, which is internally triangulated; if you want it to become a real edge you have to triangulate the face.

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Yes it’s not real edges but they are exists and i need to control over them but also i need keep my mesh polygons as quads. So i don’t want to triangulate my mesh but i need to turn specific edges in polygons how i like to make sure deformations and look of mesh is right. Doesn’t blender has such feature?

If i will triangulate my mesh i will lose ability to use loops, editing triangulated mesh is not very comfortable.

Hello, I believe that what you are looking for is some replacement for “F4” shortcut in 3ds max. I was trying to solve it in this topic Pressed ALT button to script command
So you got 2 options at the moment:

  1. Manually click in viewport tab (see pictures in that link) - note that ALT + click on those wireframe and all edges tab will apply this effect on ALL objects in scene
  2. Use and run script that is in that link aswell (note that currently this script doesn’t work in 2.8)
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Thank you for reply. I will try your script and will tell if it’s work for me!

This is gif how i turn edges with knife tool.

It’s working but what i i need to ‘fix’ hidden edges for 100 polygons? :slight_smile:

try to select all faces non co planar
then just tri’s

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This worked. Thank you. Select all polygons you want to turn their edges.

  1. Press ctrl+t then use drop down menu in the T-tab to select needed quad method from 4 options:
  1. Shortest diagonal
  2. Alternate fixed
  3. Fixed
  4. Beauty
  1. Then use ‘tris to quads’ command (ctrl+j) to get triangulated polygons back to quads.

A bit difficult but it works! In 3d max this is one click operation.

Thanks to all for replies!

you could ask in python forum
to find a small script to help

but for non co planer you could also use

run the 3D print analysis tool in N panel and see if you get non op-planar faces too!

Addon to flatten faces

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