Turning off gestures?

(Emil Assarsson) #1


I’m constantly accidintially move objects when I select. It’s very annoying and at first I had no clue about why this happend. I noticed that It didn’t happen (much) when i was using a mouse. But I’m using a wacom because it’s more ergonimical (yes, I have had carpal tunnel problems) and I’m used to it.


The gestures seems to be the problem and I want to disable it. Is this possible? The pen is moving ever so sligtly when Im using it so it not anything I can get used to. There should at least be something that configures how sensitive it should be, right?

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I found this:

It’s an old thread but I guess that nothing have happend with this configurability?

(Emil Assarsson) #3

Ok, I’ve found a way to do this!

It’s possible to disable the drag gesture (or tweak).

Preferences -> input -> 3d view -> 3d view (global) :
Remove the Translate Tweak mapping and it will be gone.

As a side note: I thought that the “select” should be separeted from the “action” according to the blender interface paradigm but this breaks this IMHO.