Turning off parent with all of its children

Hi. I am usually using parents to several objects. Everytime I want to turn the whole group off I need to do it manually. I understand it works well for some situations, but is there any possibility to include one option in settings that allows you to turn off the visibility of all the childrens when you just turn off the parent?

I know I could make a collection, but I am just curious if this is possible without creating large amount of collections for everytime I am using a parent.

Thank you


Correct me if I am wrong, you might be working on an animation and need to adjust visibility… ?
If so, that can be done if all children has the same material, it’d be possible to use “Alpha” in material properties to play with the visibility of child objects at once.
At that time, Blend Mode should be set to Alpha Clip.
Besides, Alpha Hashed and Alpha Blend sections in Blend Mode can help you to adjust the transparency levels as well.

Thank you for your answer. I am not referring to animations in particular. Its about the workflow.
I would like to get my child hidden when I hide the parent. I feel its intuitive and more frequent to want to turn off the childs when you turn of the parent than…having to do it manually just to have the extra option of turning off and on the parent.

In the Outliner: hold Shift and click on the icon you want. It will affect the object and its children even if they are in different Collections.



Given the amount of people that request this, I think it’s bound to be implemented at some point (I would also like it)

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Works as advertised! :heart: