Turning rendered objects into texutre maps

Are there any scripts out there that will render each polygon of an object, and generate a UV map and texture of the rendered result? If not, anyone got any idea how to go about making such a script?

Should I explain what I’m trying to do? Basically i’ve got an object with a procedural texture. Its also got various shadows and highlights on it. I want to be able to take how it looks when rendered and generate a texture map from it, so that it will look the same with the same shadows and highlights in a realtime enviroment.

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Keith. 8)

I don’t know about rendering a texture map, but, you can make a light map, just by setting up the lights, loading your spots with textures, and whatnot, then in edit buttons, press ‘vert col make’, and in materials, press the vcol light button. Then you can remove your original lamps, but the ‘impression’ remains on your object.

Thanks for your reply modron, but setting the vertex colors for the light doesn’t work very well unless you’ve got a very high poly mesh, and I don’t think it would work with shadows.


If you want to have a graphic of your mesh that you could use to paint the uv texture on or to layer it on try


I do not know if the answers the question though.

What you´re searching for is called “baking to textures”, for example the lighting of a surface gets “baked” to the texture´s surface. I´m just clearing up terminology here, but I´m sorry I can´t help you in any other way… Maybe you´ll find something if you search in the elysiun forum…