Turning the view in octane render

Hello everybody. Sorry if my english is not perfect. I have a problem with Octane Render Stand Alone version, that I’m trying to learn: I can’t turn the view in horizontal way (around a vertical axis) around the mesh I’ve imported, but only vertically. The manual says that is enough clicking the left mouse button and rotate on the view, but it doesn’t work. I have the most recent version license of the program. Somobody could help me? Thanks.

Left-click and drag is indeed all there is…
Here’s a little screencast showing what I see while doing exactly that (Octane Standalone 2.16): MP4, 4MB.
I’m just clicking left and move the mouse up and down / left and right with pressed mouse button (turning off autofocus is just to avoid having the king rotating constantly in and out of the DOF).

What happens when you left click and drag the mouse from left to right? Nothing?