turning this texture into cycles?

a way to make these textures?
i’m specially interested in the second one;
p.s. i tried with the voronoi texture + colour ramp

Easily done. Use a clouds texture set to Voronoi Crackle and set its depth value to 0. Invert the default color ramp so the black alpha is at position 1 and the white is at 0. Set that texture to influence Diffuse Color and Alpha, then turn on Z-Transparency in the material with an alpha value of 0. Make sure your ground material is set to Receive Transparent in the Shadow section.

Crackle.blend (499 KB)

this is from BI and i would like to know what presets corresponds to what nodes in cycles and BI
it would help me alot afterwards too…

And the texture settings are what ?

thankyou, i was kinda on the run just now, and i did it quick; yes, and i was suppose to reply back to this thread; and… i’ve just realized, that i postes the wrong thing
here’s the texture settings:

Oh great. Richard’s just going to merge the threads and leave me to clean up my own mess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm. Honestly for as much work as I’ve done in Cycles I have never touched procedural textures in Cycles. I don’t know if the same is directly possible procedurally in Cycles. You might need to bake an image texture from BI and use that. I’ll do some playing around and see what I can come up with.

Thanks for sharing that DruBan. That’s similar to one thing I tried, but you did something I hadn’t thought of. It gives me an idea. An idea that I might not have time to play with any more tonight though. Soon…

Edit: I did end up playing with it more tonight. I have nothing to share yet, but in retrospect I should have saved some of the fascinating failures I’ve produced so far. So far I think I’ve found 15 different ways not to do this that are still pretty cool themselves. I’ll see about including some of the noble failures in the final file.

i so depritely need it in cycles please, (i’m acctually using it for one of my course work)

this is what i tried, but failed, nothing came up in the render, like as if there was no material connected to the material output box

so make the thing in BI and bake it as a texture then use the image texture in cycles

for first and second texture
looks like voronoi crackle

is it what you need?
as I know it is not in cycles yet but should come later on

but it does exist as an OSL script

let me know I can find it if you need it

happy bl

yes, i need the voronoi cell texture in cycles, and it would be so useful if i can have it.
in script would be the best; i know i can bake it into image, but if i do that, it’s always to easy to spot where are the repeats

is not as good as the real one
but that is the only one available right now!
voronoi.blend (390 KB)

happy bl

you set up the material on your object first then unwrap the object and bake the textures to the image. it doesn’t repeat because it is is just applying whats already on your model to a uv projection, same as a normal map.

A little late to the party, but I recently had this problem too. So I came up with a fairly quick and easy solution to create some crackles in Cycles, similar to that found in BI.

Basically you just take the difference of 2 voronoi cell textures scaled slightly differently (+/- .05 works well), and tada, you’re done. :slight_smile:

See the simple cycles node setup below, and the result.

Simple Voronoi Crackle in Cycles: