Turret Tutorial

The Tutorial Part One

ok this is my first tutorial and i will be showing you how to easily make a turret for spaceships tanks, well anything really. anyway.

  1. Take a normal circle with 33 verticies that is filled and start extruding and scaling (you should get somthing like picture one)
    2.next, select the verticies at the top but leave a gap between every two and extrude them up (like picture 2)
    3.start playing with these bit at the top in any way you like really until you get a nice mechanical look to them (like picture 3)


the tutorial part 2

4.next you wil have to squash down tour turret so it is short and stubby. this can be done by pressing s and using grid snap to aquish it down. the guns is always a vaital part of he turret (duh! :)) and they can be achived via a simple cube that is extuded and scaled (but only extrude to only edges this means you will get a hole at the end of the guns, if you wish you can squash them down too (picture 4)
5. now that we have the first half of our guns it is time to make the second half. just take a circle and do the smae that you did to the cubes but extrude region instead until you get somthing that you like. now duplicate the gun and put one on the other side. now just put the guns and the turret together (picture 5) and…
6.your done with a basic turret, if you havent already done so, smooth yourturret and try the edge split modifier.
you can combine a bunch of effecfts and this basic technique to conjour up loads of cool turrets!


Very nice idea and so fast. Thanks for tutorial.

glad you like it and hope it helps