Turtle Gangnam Style

Hello everyone!

I had recently learned how to animate characters from the turtle series on blendercookie.com http://cgcookie.com/blender/cgc-series/creating-a-little-cartoon-turtle-in-blender/. I decided to animate the turtle I had created to do a little more than a walk cycle and make it also more interesting so I had made a quick video of my turtle ( Todd ) do the gangnam style dance. I hope you all enjoy Todd dance and find it interesting and funny! This was again my first time animating so i know its not perfect but this did teach me more on animating and using different techniques. For this short animation i used version 2.65, cycles and the samples were only at 80. Thanks for watching!!


this is too funny. :smiley:

thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it

Not bad for a turtle. You could speed up the movements but, eh, he’s a turtle.

i do agree with you XeroShadow that i could of sped it up a little but then again this is a turtle :stuck_out_tongue: and my first time animating lol. Thanks for watching and commenting!!

Dude! The turtle dance was great! lookslike you could do a little polishing of the curves but man the dumb ops was sick!!

Love it!

Thanks Salvadoreable!!! I am also glad you liked Dumb Ops!! ( will be making a thread here about that video soon too)

I hope everyone who watches this short clip above enjoys it!!

That was really a cool little animation, even more so since you’re only beginning in animating. I think the turtle could use some shades though.

Frobenius.Edge: thank your encouraging comment and i have thought the same thing that this turtle does need some shades LOL.

Haha, thanks for making me smile. :slight_smile: For a first animation, I’d say it’s very good.

WOW thank you szymm for you kind comment and im glad this made you smile!!