turtle (trachemys scripta scripta)

Did this turtle a few days ago over a period of weeks… So I didnt finish it in one part.

Just wanted to say THANKS! to the community for helping me finishing this model. (Had some problems with uvmapping etc)

Here is some small animation which shows the model in rotation. (DivX5)

Here we go


With best Regards,

First of all, not all poeple are able to download a 3 MB video file, it is much better to post images.

Now to the turtle. It looks good, I’d work more on the skin shader though, maybe ramp shaders would help. Leep it up, it looks promising.


Second of all … it took me 20 seconds to download the file … I appreciate the chance to download animations. Ahh … the beauty of forums … the opportunity for diverse opinions. :smiley:

8 seconds :slight_smile:
Anyway, i agree with Antiggo. Also, are the legs supposed to be that long?

ehhe… I know the skin isn’t the best yet. Unfortunately, I had big problems with applying it on the model, but I alredy thought about leeping it upsoon.

The legs are, yes. I modelled this turtle from my “pet” … so the proportions should be realistic… They really got looong legs :wink:

Here comes a picture, for your satisfaction :slight_smile:



1.5 seconds :smiley:

looks realistic (from the point of view of looking like a living creature, not sure about what kind of turtle it is supposed to be though)

I like the shell texture.