(Icestorm) #1

Done in Blender with 500 samples and then I did some post processing in Gimp. I rendered out on to a photo background from pixabay. I hope you like it http://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/smile.gif
Final Poly-count: 11 Mio (there were a lot of grass particles involved)

Ambient Occlusion:


(Compsense) #2

Very cool concept!

The sculpting on the turtle looks amazing. I really like the color scheme, and the foliage and buildings on the shell. One thing that’s throwing me off a little, which I didn’t notice until I viewed the render full screen, is that the fins and head (in particular) look rather low poly, which seems odd for a final render. Was this something intentional, or unavoidable due to constraints?

Anyway, a very nice piece. Great work :)

(Icestorm) #3

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I only have a laptop with a rather weak graphic card and it took about an hour of synchronizing objects, building bvh nodes and stuff before it even started to calculate pixels. And well it was crashing and lagging a lot (even with lots of layers) I think I’ll maybe just render out the finns in viewport with a lot of samples and then combine everything in Gimp again after doing a screenshot. Before that I can work on the sculpt and texture paint (and the UV mapping) a bit more.

(Odilkhan Yakubov) #4

Is it remembering me Crystal turtle by …? :smiley:

(Icestorm) #5

I was actually inspired by the world turtle. What is the Crystal Turtle?

(Odilkhan Yakubov) #6

:smiley: Look at here:https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?363015-Crystal-Turtle

(Icestorm) #7

That Crystal Turtle image is amazing :o :slight_smile:

(Odilkhan Yakubov) #8

I haven’t any critizm, just show you what I saw. Sorry, if I disturb you! :wink:

(rombout) #9

Reminds me of that turtle with all the cristal on its back. Very nice execution and great model!

(Icestorm) #10

Thank you very much. I’m rather new to sculpting and it’s so much fun. :slight_smile:

(MutenRoshi) #11

Great model with amazing level of details!

(Icestorm) #12

Thank you @MutenRoshi :slight_smile:

(Mr_Capo_L) #13

would love to live on the back of a turtle :slight_smile:

(1D_Inc) #14

Delicious image)
Especially love color and full opensorce production)

(Icestorm) #15

Thanks you guys :slight_smile:
Here’s a view of the turtle in texture paint mode

(PyBlend) #16

I love the idea of adding (more?) to a turtle’s shell. Great image. :slight_smile:

(mycatnameistux) #17

well done on it!!! you are rock!

(BluePrintRandom) #18

Nice work :smiley:

(TheFullmetalArt) #19

Nice Work, the only thing that could be maybe improved I’m not sure yet but I think it is the lightning, on the ground(you could use a plane to fake it but I’m not sure how to do it exactly) from the whole city on the back of the Turtle else this is perfection.

(Charlie A) #20

Great work man. Keep it up!