Turtles in the forest :)

my next work.
I hope you like that :slight_smile:

my official blender gallery is here

p.s… a date should be 11/2006 :):):):slight_smile:


Whoa! That’s so cool! How did you make all the plants? I’m such a newbie at the particle system, and FiberScript is too buggy for me.

Hey, very good work, man! =D

The only crit I have is about the lighting. I think the light into the characters is a bit too strong when we compare to the overall lights of the forest, specially on the turtle on our right hand side. I know that they shoud receive more attention, but it seemed a bit unnatural for me because of the direction and strenght of that source of light. Maybe it´s just a matter of softening it a bit…

But it´s a really good one! 4 stars from me. =D


Hmmm I think the lighting is good, maybe the turtle is too shining. Good work :slight_smile:

Very nice, a great piece.
4 stars

Please tell me those trees are alpha mapped texture planes. 8-|

If not, please tell me how you made that wonderful vegetation and those fantastic trees!

Other than that, great work - though the noise is a little disconcerting.


yes the trees are alpha mapped texture planes :slight_smile: and low plants too. Grass is particles.