This is just a paper turtle image. I used the defocus node for dof. Its pretty much finished, mostly because I don’t want to work on it anymore (I did it in just an hour or two).


I love it! :slight_smile: Great idea, wasnt exoecting paper turtles.

I really like it, But I have to say, that a unbiased render would make it really nice!


Lol, I love these turtles!

If you make an other render, maybe it would look nice of the turtles were done with green paper… ? Just an idea…

Perfect Lol!

Looks good, could use some color to brighten it up though.

Cool idea. Love it too.

/ Mats

huha , nice idea man :slight_smile:

I agree with nadaklan…make them in the like funky oragami paper colours too, like pink and green