Tut: Damage Control w/o python and only 6 logic bricks used!

(Appolonius) #1

I really dont like Python and try to work around it. With some help from a friend ive come up with this tutorial on how to control the damage for an object. example: you get hit 10x you die… pretty simple.


i dont see a lot of game engine tutorials (even simple ones)
lets start a trend

(Appolonius) #2

Had someone say that link didnt work :frowning:

here’s a new one:


btw you know any good free webpage server’s.

(dreamsgate) #3

free web servers
contact acasto at [email protected]

he runs iptic.com and has offered free web space to blender community

love the tut, make some more please!

(Pooba) #4

Click and drag the link up to the adress bar. Tripod doesn’t allow direct linking.


(Appolonius) #5

Ok thanks all. I’ll look into Iptic. More tutorials will be on the way. I think my next tutorial will be on a First Person Shooter (getting the mouse-like movments with the keyboard)

If you havent noticed, I dont use python. Most people dont know how to use python. I find ways to use the logic bricks to give the same results. There are a few things(i think) that cannot be done with the logic bricks, but im always looking for ways to use the bricks.

Ill have a WebSite up soon, I hope.

thanks again for the feedback.