Tut: Sound and Blender


My name is Troy McClure. May you remember me from… sorry wrong tape.

Well, I have written a short tutorial (if you can call it that way) about adding a sound track to a Blender movie.
Nothing too sophisticated but useful for that guy who can’t afford Adobe Premiere, or Mainactor (I’m llooking at a mirror here) and always thought about Broadcast 2000 and how
to use it with Blender. Probably oriented to the linux user, since I don’t know if Broadcast2000 was ever ported to windows.

Well, if you’re interested check it out:


ER mirror:
http://malefico.netfirms.com (pick a language)


malefico… errr… Troy McClure.

Thanks for the tutorials, i’ve just quickly browsed them and found a few topics (like DoF) that i was wanting to reasearch, so im happy to have some new readin’s about my favorite program! :wink:
I appreciate your time sharing your knowledge, as im sure are others.


Blend on, and blend well!!!


nice te hear from you. :slight_smile:

Nice tut too, I’ll try as soon as possible…


Excellent tutorial! Thanks a lot!

Thanx for all comments.

I just hope it will be useful.

S68: I was always here… just have nothing to say :smiley:



I just hope it will be useful.

It was … I have bcast running and I imported a blender movie as well as a soundtrack. The problem is that after I render, I can’t open the .avi file. The available options for video are:
Direct copy DV
JPEG Photo
Motion JPEG A
PNG with Alpha
Uncomp. RGB
Uncomp RGBA
YUV 4:2:0 Planar
YUV 4:2:2 Packed

and I am saving it as Quicktime under Linux. I have tried a number of the above options, and the avi file is written, but I can’t open it back up on my Windows machine. It says the file format is not supported. Any ideas?

Yup. Are you using the hacked version of Broadcast2000 I mentioned in the tut ? That version adds OpenDivX support (as well as OGG Vorbis) . The original Broadcast2000c doesn’t support those formats.
Then you render as Quicktime file with OpenDivX compression but after that you STILL have to CONEVRT to an AVI with DivX compression. I only tested this under linux, using MEncoder to convert ithe QT video to AVI and have played the video both in Windows and Linux succesfully.

Cheers and good luck.