Tutes for seamless character textures?

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Does any one know of any good tutes for seamless textures for characters? I’d also like to learn how to apply a detailed grey scale bumpmap for the skin as well. Basicly I want to do what Kos is doing with his fantastic T-rex. He said he will post tutes for this which I look forward to, But If someone knows of any others I sure would appreciate some links!


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I know of one technique but its quite tedious and pretty annoying. Works best with low poly.

spilt the screen
press shift + F10 on one screen
press f on the 3d screen and select a group of faces
load a blank white texture on the other screen

basically, just select each of the faces, press u to insert it into the blank texture then just gotta connect each polygon as if you unwrapped it yourself…tedious? Hell yeah…

After you end up with an unwrapped wireframe of your model, press the paint button and trace out the wireframe in the uv texture screen (other half). Save the image file, save the blend.

Open the jpeg (texture with the wireframe outline) in a paint program and paint away. When you’ve done the colours and whatever, save it, then convert to greyscale, save that as another file

to use the grey scale, open the blender file go to materials, add texture, goto texture window and load the grayscale image
Go back to materials window and the switch the “Orco” button to “UV”.
Got to the far right of the materials window and turn off “Col” and turn on “Nor” and adjust the value underneath.

There’s probably a way easier…er…way but I could find it, at least not in Blender.

heres the bump test

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Thanks for the exelant tute! It has been a great help!


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i did not try it but why not paint the texture first and unwrap the UVs according to it?i think it will work atleast for the people like me who have the worst hand of painting textures.i’m gonna try it for my new model(currently on process :smiley: ).

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Yeah, I guess you can do it that way Kos, but for me (and Im sure a few people out there) it helps to see this model unwrapped as a body so as to be used as a guideline to details rather than figure out piece by piece how each detail would have to be in relation to other body parts.
Either way, I’ve tried them both, and to be honest, its all the same to me. Both as tedious as the other 8)
But seriously, anyone else want to try another way, they should. It gives good experience and allows one to find their “grey area” (wink wink nudge nudge).

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