Tutor / mentor / support in the Blender community

Hello everyone,

I am quite interested in tutoring/mentoring/giving support or whatever you want to call it, both getting it and giving it. So I wanted to ask te community (that’s you) a few questions about it:

  • How many people are doing this and how often?
  • What is the average price (category)?
  • Do you only do it locally or also online?
  • How long do you on average spend on a project?
  • What kind of tools do you use? (e.g. do you make video’s for your students or texts? do you refer to books or create your own powerpoint?)

Just for clarity: when I’m talking about tutoring/mentoring/giving support I mean education, not working on the actual project. Just getting the the client/student on the right track through some kind of personal contact.

I do understand this can be a sensitive subject. If you don’t want to make your actual price public or so, then don’t. It is just a question.

Thanks to anyone who wants to share his or her experience in this field.

Regards Nick