Tutorial/Article Submission: Blenderart #2 (10 days left)

2nd Issue Release Schedule:
Dec. 20 : final submission of all articles
Jan 5-6 : release date [/color]

We are starting to prepare the second issue and are now asking for submissions. This issue we will be featuring Animation .

We are looking for: .

• Any article or tutorial on any aspect of animation. Coverage of new tools is good, but also techniques and animation that doesn’t require new features is also needed.

All submissions will be published under Creative Commons license.

Contribution guidelines are posted here:

hi… this is good news :slight_smile:

but one request: plzzzzzzz find a better host than geocities… plzzzzz… there are gazillion free hosts better than geocities…

i m saying that bcoz the bandwidth at geocities is really limited and i cant seem to access the site completely… such as i cant download the blenderart theme from the downloads section :expressionless:

thanks ! :slight_smile:

we are working on getting a better webspace setup before the next issue release. :smiley:

15 days left til submission deadline, all contributors for this issue, time to finish up your submissions and get them in.

Due to organization efforts there is a slight change in where to email your submissions

ARTICLES: [email protected]

GALLERY IMAGES: [email protected]

You know that I’ve been saying this for, well, since ever - let me handle the hosting - it’s what I do (well, actually i’m the graphics programmer) but I can intrigue the company in it. Not alot of people know how little a server costs to rent per year and the premiums of only two clients (we have a couple hundred) is more than enough cover the costs of hosting and so we have many charity hosting and designs we do - the blender magazine falls into that line of work! There may be a few over head costs (ie: a full domain name if you want one) but other than that we can design (howbeit maybe not fast - charity stuff is left for the back burner / month or two time) your site and set up custom applications for the management and you’d have 200GB of bandwidth at your use! It’s a good deal, just take me up on it - you’ll still have full control of the site and content and management and look, feel etc…

Email address too! :slight_smile:

Think about it! :wink:

Actually we have plans in the works to take care of that as we speak. :smiley: We are hoping we can get it all coordinated before next issue release, but if not it will be done right shortly thereafter. :smiley: