Tutorial Blender for 3D printing - missing files

I downloaded it, unzipped it, but video files 01, 03, 19, 22, 23 are 0 bytes big.

What tutorial ?
What download file ?

The latest product in the Blender.org shop.
I recommend it.

I downloaded and extracted the files ok.
What OS are you using ? On OSX I’ve found some zips fail with some unzip programs or produce zero size files while work perfectly with other unzip programs.

Contact the blender shop and ask them http://www.blender3d.org/e-shop/contact_us_n.php

Just tried the download zip with:
Archive Utility.app - works ok
7Zx.app - mix of good and zero size files
Stuffit Expander.app - crashes app
The Unarchiver.app - cannot open zip

Windows 7 32 bit
7 zip and the normal one unzipper.
I’ll wait for the DVD…

The hyperlinks don’t work either, but I am used to that.


You should be fine with the current version of the downloadable… If you haven’t solved it yet you can re-download the package and try again. There were some issues on windows. Only people on windows XP 32bit will still have problems because the dvd is larger than 2GB. If you are on winXP just wait for the DVD to arrive.

If you continue to have issues you can contact the Blender e-shop.

Thanks for your support!

I had the exact same problem, using winzip on windows 7, but with WinRAR the files came out fine.