Tutorial: Build Optimized Blender From Source on Windows

Here is a tutorial that I made showing how I make Blender using Tortoise SVN, CMake, and Microshaft Visual C++ Express. All three programs are free for those who want the cutting edge blender without waiting for a graphicall build.

I must warn that I was a little drunk, and I could not get Cam Studio to sync the audio so it’s a little off and some words get cut off.

My hope is that people can see the process happen in real time. I wish I had a video of someone doing this when I learned how. It took me most of one full day to figure all this stuff out.

And if the video is really bad, let me know how much you hate it and maybe I can make a nicer one.

Peace out you bad ass Blender people, I love you all.

AWSOME guide its cleared up alot of things for me


can you make one on how to apply patch to blender and how to work whit github