Tutorial Can not duplicate UV mapping Tutorial

So here he is getting rid of seams and it is changing the UV unwrap for him but for me its not changing anything. he is clearing se

at 4:04 in he is pressing L and he is limiting the selection to seams then he is clearing the seam.
then its supposed to update the UV unwrap. its doing it on his setup but not on mine

Then in the same video at 4:25 he select a loop with ctrl click and mine does not

uvmapptingturialnotsame2.81-2020-02-11ukmovingon.blend (236.8 KB)

OK DUH I am tired. I did not have LIVE UV UNWRAP checked. But the other one has still got me baffled.

Be in face mode, and alt+click (near the) edge perpendicular to the face loop you want to select.

As it turns out it pays to watch these videos and pay attention to the most minor details. I need a magnifying glass and tweezers not a sledge hammer and a blow torch !