tutorial confusion

I have been following this tutorial and it tells me to add a plane, however it then asks me to use box select to select the four vertical faces, and later it mentions a cube, i don t understand what im supposed to do here…

is the tutorial, im about a quarter of the way into it, please help me

Press B to box select

it behaves like hold clicking and dragging to select multiple objects in windows explorer or the finder in a mac

sorry i know how ot box select but a plane is flat, so how can i select the four vertical edges?! there should only be two, right?

The image shows two vertical edges selected. Did you try that? It could just be a typo.

i thought it might just be a typo but when i followed along the wireframe of the model in the tutorial was different than mine, and he said something about a cube, i dont know which i should use. Errors like these really confuse beginners like me…