Tutorial - Create your own racetrack!

Hey people,

I have just finished my rather large racetrack tutorial, so I thought I’d share it with everyone :smiley:


Please let me know if you find anything wrong with it or if there is anything I have missed - the techniques described are all of what I use to create my own tracks, so hopefully you should get some good results…

Enjoy! :cool:

From Daniel

I thought you mean racetrack. g
I watch to much BSG. No, to less. New episodes please! *$%# mid season break! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tutorial. One question, have you ever tried to texture the whole model with L3DT or similar software?

Good tutorial, but why not follow through with a simple example of a python script to time laps?

It can be faster to make these with vector-based drawing programm like Inkscape. Blender has the ability to read those topologies right away, you need not to define your own Bezier Curves. But of course some of your tips are still quite usable.

a quelqu’un a reçu un jeu de classe de travaux dirigés automobile que je peux utiliser pour faire un jeu automobile simple avec le mixer

I think it’s easier making a plane and hitting [ctrl]+[LMB] I think it’s faster.

Hey, I fallowed this tutorial a while back, It helped me a ton! This is how I make all my race tracks now!

Hi guys, sorry for bumping into an old thread but the tutorial is gone. Does anyone have a backup copy of it that could be uploaded somewhere?

Sorry, I found the link you supplied does not work !