Tutorial: Creating a Heart

Hi all,

Ton has given me permission to publish the tutorials that I wrote for the Blender Tutorial Guides on my website. Today, I worked on ‘Creating a Heart’, a nice tutorial for beginners.

I posted it in the tutorials section of my website.

Have fun,

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Nice tut, simple and clean. I cant really think of anything to add, perhaps you could add colouring it red

An idea:
Perhaps it would be interesting to show different ways of achieving the same goal. For instance, with the heart, maybe show how it could be done using a mesh, and also with using subsurf. There are so many ways of doing everything, and it might be good to get people to realise this early on.

However, my brain is fried and its half 2 in the morning (woo, I’m up in 5 1/2 hours for AI & Cognitive Science), so this thought may make no real sense.


Hi IanC,

thanks for the suggestions; I’ll see what I can do.

Have fun,

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Bart, I gotta say man, I am pretty oldschool when it comes to blender(since it was pretty infant), and you rock!!!

I’m talking like 6 years ago, some of the first blend’s I have are of Dice, Cave, Steel Animation, Dolphin, that 21:3 logo, ect…

Good memories and really got me started, thanks for being around man, it is really appriciated!!!

Not to mention I still use the same logo making workflow(polybez->bez->extrude) for just about anytime someone wants stuff done like that…



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Same for me, [email protected]’s tutorials were what got me into blender and started me off. I was so chuffed when I got that welding one working!

Yeah, many thanks [email protected], its nice to see that new blenderheads will still start with your tuts (hehehehe nearly left a typo in, can you guess what it was?).