Tutorial: Creating a starry space texture.

Done in Photoshop CS.

Alright, begin a new image with these settings:


Now, go to Filter>Texture>Stained Glass and have the setting like:


You should now have this:


Next go to Filter>Texture>Grain and set it up as follows:


And you’re done, you should now have a nice large image of a starry sky! And a plus, whist in game, when you look up at the stars and move some of them apear to flicker as in real life!

Here’s what mine produced:


Brave. :wink:

i think i’ve seen an animation that used this same method. they probably learned it here!

Ive been wondering how to do that… thanks brave thats sweet…

ooh, Nice. Been needing something quick and simple.

Wow! Alot better than any other tutorial I’ve seen on stars… XD