Tutorial creation tool

Does anyone know of a FREE content creation tool similiar to Qarbon’s Viewlet system? I’m looking for a way to create more interactive multimedia tutorials using a free tool.

what is Qarbon’s Viewlet system?

I was wondering that to :stuck_out_tongue:

As somebody once told me use the search:

So I googled it,

Go here:


and voila :stuck_out_tongue:

take at look at:


and there is CamStudio (Google That)

I have used wink and it seems to be able to everything that qarbon can… Good program.


Wink looks like a very promosing tool. I think this is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks!

Thanks a bunch SvenTex for the pointer to wink.

  • Satish.

I d/l’d and installed Wink and tried to use it. It used the “Pause/Break” key to capture screenshots. However, when I have Blender opened the pause/break key doesn’t get sent to wink for a capture (it never takes a “picture”). Other than using a timed capture, does anyone know how to get around this (or remap the key Wink uses)?

yeah, i had similar problems… it seems to work sometimes and not on others. forgot about that. maybe you should report it as a buf to the author.


Answered my own question. In wink, if I choose Fullscreen mode the “pause” button doesn’t seem to work (register with Wink to take a snapshot). If I choose Wink’s “window” mode (meaning not fullscreen) and choose the blender window, it seems to work fine.