Tutorial: Cycles - Multiple Decals, UVs, and shaders of those

Having finished my BMW RZ M6 I have decided to share how I have put on all the decals.

You-Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3gJ2upgPk0&list=UUxsV8GEUhy94-Ok9DS1McDA&index=2&feature=plcp
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/36632196
Website: http://www.deniszholob.99k.org/

Tutorial Level: Intermediate
This tutorial covers:
*1:20 - Alpha Mask Generation
*2:55 - Multiple UV Textures
*7:04 - Multiple Decals in one shader
*17:05 - Multiple shaders containing decals


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Great job! I’ve been struggling with making a mask for a two-tone paint scheme on a car. This is very helpful.

As a follow up I thought I would post the .blend file for all to study. No textures packed though, sorry.


Decals Tut_Finished.blend (627 KB)

Excellent tutorial DDD!Learned some new tricks!
Just to mention here -as a friendly reminder- that the “top-to-bottom” order in Blender is actually reverse (the top “layers” being plugged at the bottom sockets,normally) and the reason why this works here the way it does is because you’ve created the “invert” or “negative” alpha masks for each decal.Otherwise (if we had made some “positive” alpha masks,with the white part corresponding to the part of the image that should be visible) we should have used some “Color > Invert” nodes in order to just keep the same “reverse” order.
Again this is far from being important,just mentioning this here for avoiding any possible misconceptions.
What IS important,imo,is that you have so efficiently and thoroughly presented the “Attribute” node’s functionality and you’ve offered a really helpful and professionally worked out tutorial to us!Thanks again for sharing,Peter

would you share the final file with us? I would be honoured if i could look at the setup you have there realtime

Gorgeous =)

Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/36632196
the guy in this video is using version 261
what things might I need to know because of this ? ? ?

Thank you

In this video http://vimeo.com/36632196 he places his uv unwrap then he shrinks it down to .1 after inversing it and places it in the corner.
How does blender know anything about where to put the image on the mesh from this ???

Also Do nodes placement affect image placement order on a mesh. ? ???

Is it possible to do the same or something very similar in BLENDER RENDER?

any method as close to this in blender render?
my project is in blender render, also it is convenient for me since I work in a very simple lap top, since I do not require great acavados or realism, my project is a bit retro look of the 80’s and 90’s as games of that time , but without using animated images again, it’s like a small tribute in 3D to those years of fun that I was given as a child