Tutorial delays

Why does it take almost 12 hours for most tutorials to post? I post them on CGTalk as well and, they list immediately. Here, there always seems to be a major delay. It seems an awful waste of man-hours if moderators have to actually manually give the green light to these types of posts.

Anyway, it’s irritating because I recently made in error in the link included in the post and I have to keep coming back to see if it’s been posted yet so I can correct it.

I don’t understand the reasoning behind this.

Still waiting…


all tutorials must be approved by us the staff, and we work only on our sparetime(for free), which means whenever it is possible, we (at least me) goes and check if it is a Tutorial or something else. If not Tutorial, they will be removed/deleted, otherwise approved.

a lot of the new started threads is not a Tutorial, but rather a Support question about how doing this or that, and they will not pass. That’s why they aren’t giving a direct pass, since it would give to much crap to remove in that forum.


I don’t really understand why there’s been a sudden flood of people posting in the wrong forum… Is it really that difficult to read the name of all the forums?

well, it seems whenever Blender have had a new release, new users appears and maybe they don’t know forumculture, but it could also have to do with maturity. But I really don’t know. :confused: