Tutorial - Electron Microscope Image

As promised in a previous thread, here’s a quick tutorial on creating Electron Microscope pictures.

PDF Document


Been looking for that microscope tut on Blender.org,
but it’s been down for as long as I know.

Too right! I see we have the same views!
Thanks for this, I remember seeing it when I first started and thinking, “ooh, that looks interesting” but never getting round to it. When I looked for it a month ago, it was gone! Very helpful.

Other ways to get a similar effect (other than colour ramps) include: hemi lamp facing toward the camera with a high energy (easily the easiest); sun lamp facing toward the camera coupled with toon on diffuse with a high size setting; and (the classic) sphere/halo blend texture mapped to normal.



Thanx Ammusionist for the tutorial VERY helpfull :smiley:
I play with it using my nerve cells looks great?
AM SO happy :smiley:

its whole lot easy to the other sems tutorials very nice

Both tutorials are gone, the one from blender site, and this one too. If somebody has this pdf, please, post somewhere. Thanks

Looking for this tutorial as well, anyone mirror it?

I work at a research lab and we are looking for some 3D software to do this kind of thing. Please if anyone can post the pdf or the original tutorial on how to produce this it would be a great help. It seems there are a few people this would benefit. Thanks


I made a tutorial long ago for blenderman.org. But the .doc file went corrupt and blenderman.org doesn’t exsist anymore. I could make the tutorial again for the wiki pages if you guys think it is worth the effort.

It is such a simple and quick trick indeed with those hemisphere that it almost sounds silly.

Edit: I’ve been sifting through some SEM images, and I think they look very AO-ish. So maybe you should play with the AO parameters to try to get that effect. There is also DOF so, that can be done with nodes too.

we are looking for some 3D software to do this kind of thing
This one falls into the category ‘stupid tricks’, so I think that any 3D software could do this… so go with what you have already, or go cheap (blender, yafray,sunflower, pixie etc. :wink: ). The other important thing to achieve that effect is a good flaky looking bump map!