Tutorial: FMOD support without re-compiling

Here is a little tutorial on how to use FMOD, with the blender GE.
If you don’t know FMOD is a sound library that does just about everything.

With FMOD you can play .mp3, .ogg, .wav, .mid plus more with 3d sound and

The way i got this to work is with the pySonic FMOD wrapper library.

  1. All you need is the FMOD.dll and the pySonic.pyd files in the current directory, or in the blender installation directory.

  2. You need to double-click the .blend or specify exact path of where the songs are.

Download the pySonic-FMOD sample .blends here

Tech-note: the GE sensor that you send(Always, collision, keyboard, ect.) to
play the song needs to have the (TRUE or FALSE) pulse mode unchecked.
see the sample .blends

FMOD is a commercial library but is free for non-commercial use(IE you game doesn’t make money).

Visit the pySonic and Fmod website for exact licensing details.


Here is a pysonic tutorial -

Music and .ogg website

Hopefully this is useful to someone:)


Wow! You just saved me a ton of time! I was going to write out a custom interface for the SDL_Mixer library, but fmod works just as well. I just tried it out, and it plays MOD files as well (which one would hope with a name like “fmod”). Now I can release that Marble Labyrinth update that I was holding onto until I could get music support…

Do you mind if I post a tutorial on this on my website?

BTW, this runs so much quicker and smoother than Pygame ever did. And with only two files! I’m never going back…

yay!! cool i’m gonna have fun with this

blendenzo - Of couse you can post a tutorial.

Did you upload a video? because I think, I was watching Marble Labyrinth
on YouTube, and when I saw the music keyboard in front of the monitor.
I decided to see if I could get this to work.


FMOD rocks, thanks for the TUT sharky, might come in handy sometime, module music rocks!

Thanks for the tutorial! This will definately come in handy for my next project…

Haven’t had time to play around with it yet but I will do tonight.

Windows only? Not Open Source??? :frowning:

Please blendenzo consider to keep working on a SDL solution…

fmod is not Windows only. You can download the linux and mac versions from the fmod website. Use fmod 3.75, since it is all that is required and it is much smaller in filesize. PySonic reports on Sourceforge that it will work for both linux and mac as well. So you should not have any trouble playing music on linux or mac, it might just take a little file finding of your own. I have a copy of the windows .dll and the linux .so file, but I cannot extract .sit files, so I don’t have the mac version of fmod on hand…

As for the SDL_Mixer solution, it would be ideal, but I honestly don’t have the time right now, and I am going to use the fmod solution since I have no immediate commercial licensing needs. If I find myself in a position to sell a game, SDL_Mixer will become more of a priority. Sorry about that.

Hehe again a nice idea of using python. :smiley:
There is also something called ‘PyMedia’ which gives you acces to all kind of audio and video files using python, also PyVorbis and PyOgg give you the chance to acces ogg files which is ofcourse opensource as well. :slight_smile:
A nice example would be a python script that plays video files as intro or between levels, and yes that can be done with python, you only need to break down your game in a bunch of blender files, save inventory and another ingame things to an external file and viola you got a start.

Anywasy FMOD sounds cool as well to use, never tried it myself to use it over Python, but I should give it a try sometime.