Tutorial for HDR

Today I try to work with HDR but I need a tutorial how to do. I am totaly lost.
This is the start: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/20225

So you mean you want to use HDR lighting?

Yes , and how to get photo quality after I render with cycle.
I learn already how to add HDR in to World - Background - Enviroment Texture, but there is no bright lights/color on my flower and other stuff. I use 3 emitted lamps/planes.
Thanks for helping.

Could you post a blend file? I still am a bit confused about exactly what you mean. :wink:

OK. I got this with bad coloring and poor brightnes http://www.pasteall.org/blend/20234. I try to make my items look like this one Andrew Price has made.

Alright so you could go into the world setting and use an image texture mapped to the normal of the world. Also I think that flower used alpha mapped images and image textures. The scene looks pretty good. If you just wanted bounced lighting you could make the world a lighter color too. Just Google probe image texture for a texture for the world.

Thank you very much. Exiting.