tutorial for modeling?


Does anyone know any good tutorials for someone with little to no experience with modeling in blender? Are there tutorials for the current version? I can get pretty confused when I can’t find something they show in a tutorial because it’s been moved in newer versions.

Thank you in advance!

first you need to learn the basics, so check the blender wiki under mesh modelling. then you need to decide what to model. when you have decided what to model, we can help you with the specific techniques needed to accomplish that model. for instance, modeling a piece of furniture is completely different from modeling a pumpkin, or a hand. you would use a completely different set of techniques for all three of these.

Try these blender videos. She takes her time in every video and pretty much assumes you know nothing. Great for beginners.

This is the best “start from scratch” set of tutorials I haev found: http://www.gryllus.net/Blender/3D.html

http://cgcookie.com/blender/ has a great series of tutorials and a set specific for getting started.

Thanks, I’ll check those out!

I’ve got another question if that’s okay.
If I’m making a rather large cylinder, in this case it’s a cylinder for a revolver that I’m trying to model, does it matter how many vertices I choose when adding the cylinder?
I chose 20 because it was an even number and I would be able to select 2 faces, leave 2, select another 2, leave 2 etc evenly around the cylinder. because I wanted to make these, not sure what to call them, holes/pockets? Around the cylinder like this.

Can I change the number of vertices later? Can I get it to look smooth and round or is it only when I add it that I can choose this? Because now it’s looking pretty jagged with only 20 vertices.

Sorry this question is really dumb, I really need to read some tutorials as I have no Idea what I’m doing.
Also sorry for my english, I hope you’ll be able to understand what I mean…



I presume you mean 24 rather than 20 (unless you are modelling a five-shooter!)

Can I change the number of vertices later? Can I get it to look smooth and round or is it only when I add it that I can choose this?

You can’t (easily) change the number later. But I think 24 is fine for the underlying mesh structure for this model. To make it smooth add edge loops (or creases) and a subsurf modifier:

Best wishes,

Thanks I appreciate it!
Oh, yes you are right. Should be 6 of them, I’ll make that 24 instead.

How do I merge these two faces and make it a flat surface?

I feel like I should know this… I need to read some more.

Thanks again.

Maybe this is a bad way to do it?

Edit: I have another problem, I modeled a coffee cup and used Cell Fracture. I put materials on the floor and a wall, also the cup, adjusted the lighting and added DOF. Everything looked good when I rendered my image.
But after a while it suddenly really dark images, no light at all, it doesn’t matter how much light the planes are emitting it just looks the same. even if I remove the light sources the rendered image will look the same.

I can’t think of anything at all that might have caused this.