Tutorial Gathering

I am putting together an online database of Blender tutorials for beginners. Please send links. I would also like to include basic modeling for animals, nature, and everyday objects.

Please send links.


They are all here already:


here is the listing of my one.

I really think that what this community needs is a tutorial site that has a ranking system. That way as people complete and rank tutorials the best of the best of each category will rise to the top. At that point the best tutorials can be reformatted and added to documentation or Blender books.

I very much agree with the last page.

maybe a format and a call for open source tutorial book :wink:

I am always amazed at the amount of quality tutorials that slip through the cracks. Its also surprising how much information is covered multiple times because of this.

This would be an awesome idea both of you gentlemen (Torq and cekuhen) have authored a few tutorials that have helped me out a bit I distinctly remember Torq’s head edge loop tutorial from late 2006, after the South African version of PCFormat magazine put Blender on their cover disc they had a head tutorial that left me in the dark so with a little help from google I ran into that forum post.

A tutorial repositery of some sort would be an awesome idea, a blender encyclopedia for the lack of a better word.