Tutorial Glowing effect in Blender Cycles 2.66

Hello I’m going to show you how to render glow effect in blender cycles I know that some people have some problem with it so I will show it (btw this is the only real tutorial about render glow effect in cycles)

Youtube tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t14XWMKEaEk

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Hello Perviktor,

thanks for the tutorial, but this glow is created by post-processing which means everything in the scene glows. Can I make it so that only some objects glow and others don’t? Is this possible in Cycles (2.72 currently)?


That glow effect is not made with cycles, but rather the node editor. That effect can be achieved with any decent post processing software.

The only way to get real glow with cycles, is by using volumetrics, which is the way glowing actually works in real life!

But if you are going to do it with post processing (which is the most sensible way), you should filter pixels by value, to only affect pixels above a certain threshold, or even better, use a separate render layer for your glowing object(s), to only affect those objects with the effect.