Tutorial Help

Im looking for a tutorial that would teach me to make my “Walking animated Character” on my created ground Using logic bricks, or even python codes. Is there any? Is it the bones that im going to use for the logic bricks? I really have no idea.

I’ll explain very shortly.

I suppose you want to make a Dynamic person, so that he can walk up against hills.

For the beginners, I think the best method is making an Cube. And Parent the Bones etc to it.

For a moving Cube… Just search Google for a tutorial… Isn’t that hard.

When your Cube is moving. Make the character and the bones. Search google for: Armature tutorial…

Then parent the armature to the cube.

At least, use the Action logic brict to make the armature move in game. Search: Blender armature actions… I think :wink:

If you really can’t find it we’ll help you.

Good luck :wink:

Here’s for the armatures.


Very old oto, still could walk a little, I guess…but most probably it’ll fly ( just disable “collision” for the character mesh):

Ok I have seen the animation, but what iM after is how to walk on a plane using the logic bricks or python codes. Im planning to assign WASD as its primary walk keys. And I have my walking character ready.

Now I can’t figure out how can I make it move using WASD. :frowning: